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Tips to get you started with  you room´s decor

Make the spaces in your home welcoming, find the perfect balance to achieve the ideal window treatment.

Dressing your windows

Drapery or Shutters are elements that not only serve to decorate, but also to create environments, taking into account the light that enters, the desired level of privacy or if you want to isolate from noise or control the temperature. You must select the most suitable one taking into account the types and shapes of your windows, the decorative style, as well as the color of the walls, decoration, floor or furniture, as well as the size of the space in your home.

With this you will have all the information you need to choose the best curtains.


Different Residential Rooms

Entrance / Foyer

Living Room / Family Room

Master Bedroom

The entrance is an important part of the decoration of a residential or commercial place, remember to take into account the type of furniture or pictures around it, the framing plays an important role and you would like to find an imponent, elegant look that match them.

These areas usually goes with treatments that control the light and decorates the room. Lately Plantation Shutters have been the favorate treatment, check it out...

Light control is essential in dormitories as well the privacy and the modern look that blends with your personal style, blackout rollershades are a good choice that can be motorized for an attractive look with a technological advantage.


There are plenty of colors and materials that can match or be close to every room's concept, a mixture of blackout shades and light filtering achieving a great way to keep the good energy of the sun and the peace of the blackout for those lazy days.

Patio / Terrace

Heavy duty rollershades will allow to control light giving you shading and looking awsome even outside.

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Get to know and choose between the different products we have for you.

Selecting curtains can be a confusing task due to the many options.
That is why we will try to give you an idea of ​​the pros and cons of the most used products.

In the choice of curtains and blinds, consider

1. Design and color according to the decoration

2. Orientation according to cardinal point

3. Use of the room and therefore the brightness you are looking for.

Motorization Avalible

Motorization offers several extraordinary advantages including increased security and privacy.
Choose from several control options, from wireless wall switches to remote controls and mobile apps.
Blinds are a perfect automated solution for rooms such as home theater spaces and master bedrooms, where convenient light dimming is often preferred.
Unique sensors increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting motorized blinds to suit your lifestyle.
Simple one-button operation allows you to open or close remote-controlled motorized shades dramatically, plus they promote a safe indoor environment for children and pets by eliminating loose or dangling cords.

Plantation Shutters

This kind of product is one of the most versatile, comes with different framing styles, also you can find real wood, faux wood and polymer materials depending on the type of room, furniture, or finishes. Comes in solid and stained colors, the louvers come in different sizes usually we recommend 3" louvers with hidden tilt control for a modern look.

frameshade, plantation shutters,  white room, fan, wood floors

Zebra Parallel Sheers

Parallel Sheers offer two advantages, light control and privacy in one fabric, they are known for the solid and translucent stripes they handle, they have a vertical roll-up operation are versatile and modern. 

Their striped design will captivate your guests.

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Roller Shades

Roller shades will give you a complete sense of privacy and at the same time let natural light into rooms, living rooms and spaces.

Office window, rollershades, light filtering, fascia, parking lot view

Vertical Panels 

Vertical panels are ideal if you want to fill a space with light and brightness, they are practical, super elegant and always attract the looks of the guests; the key is to know how to combine them. The classics are white, however, there are several options. 

Undoubtedly it is our favorite bet.

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PVC -Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds provide complete control over the level of privacy and the amount of light desired, they are versatile, they fit well with sliding doors and large windows.

Vertical blinds, PVC blinds, white color, yellow walls, light control device,

Cellular Honeycombs

If you're looking for something unique, cellular shades are the most modern shades on the market, experience greater security, less light leakage, Portrait is made to provide superior insulation and help you reduce your home's energy costs.
It is specially made to be free from billowing, creeping and drooping.

PVC-Horizontal Blinds

Ideal for any room, including kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, where moisture may be present.


If your goal is to give a stylish new look, choose a cascading pleated curtain, there are a variety of fabrics and designs perfect for sleek and modern interiors.

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