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Frames & Design Options

Panel Options

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Panels with fewer slats and a wider view.










Panels may depend on the width and configuration of the window, the fewer and wider the panels, the more contemporary the look with an open view can be achieved.

Extra wide panels are available in certain blind materials. For smaller rooms where space is at a premium, narrower panels are the most functional but give the décor a traditional look.

Single panels

Single Panel

Double Panel

Double Panel

Multiple Panel

Multiple Panel


Offset Tilt


Standard Tilt


Divider Rail


Split Tilt


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They are used for exterior mounting applications and create the look of a custom framed window. As well as being suitable for interior wall surfaces, Deco frames decorate the window opening and cover any geometric imperfections.

This 50mm frame offers a refreshing update to the Camber Deco frame, this one comes with traditional details and a more streamlined design.

The Classic Deco 50 mm frame provides an elegant, traditional look that is ideal for combining with medium moldings for a formal look.

A bold and vigorous version of a classic, this 63 mm Mission Deco frame complements contemporary decorations.

The 76 mm Ridge Deco frame offers a bold, traditional look and is ideal for pairing with heavier moldings, offering a more formal feel.

The L-frame incorporates a unique insert cover strip, which easily conceals any face fixings. 

The L-frame features classic, simple lines, is elegant and understated.

These Z-frames are for interior mounting applications that create alignment with the face of the reveal opening without protruding into the room. 
There are a range of Z-frame styles that create a gridded presence or a compact, minimalist look. Also, if your windows have some geometric imperfections, for example, out of square, they are perfect in installation to hide opening defects.

The 31mm Z mount offers sleek, compact elegance with a touch of detail provided by the unique flanged outer profile.

This 76 cm frame offers a bold, formal and traditional look, ideal for combining with heavy moldings.

The 38 mm and 50 mm Z-shaped frame gives you a fresh, contemporary look, with no flanges and clean, sleek lines, creating a minimalist interior environment. 

The Bel Air Z 50 mm frame offers a sleek, formal look and is ideal for use with medium moldings.

This product offers you modern styling and can "cap" most marble or stone sills, effectively widening the sill for a more traditional look. 

Compared to the Mission sill cover, this one offers a smaller sill, thus achieving a smaller projection into the room.

If your window falls into one of the following categories, you will find standard and custom size T-posts here: 

-Need to support shutters on large windows, facilitating installation in wider openings.
-Dividing large window openings into smaller ones.
-Ensuring consistency of louver panel widths.
-Other T-post options include: horizontal T-post, bay window T-post and corner T-post.
-Adjustment takes seconds with a screwdriver to achieve perfect louver alignment.
-Available for both vertical and horizontal T-poles.

The hanging slat is a very compact installation method, this product is installed inside the window opening behind the louvre panel, so it gives the impression of having no frame at all. 
Note that the opening must be very square for this type of installation. For windows that are not square, the hanging track can also be mounted outside the window opening, although a gap of at least 12 mm must be left between the edge of the window opening and the inside edge of the hanging track to create a light block at the top, bottom and side. 
The Hang Strip frame can be installed on 
square edge plasterboard or concrete reveals with trim,square edge cor concrete reveals without trim, wood reveals with trim and wood reveals without trim.

Shades can be ordered without a frame or hanging straps. These can be installed directly inside the window opening taking into account that it must be square, for this special hinges must be available for such installations.Can be installed on, wood reveals with trim or wood reveals without trim.

Blinds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Find options available in wood,with special shapes, be it a triangle, a circle or a sunbeam that will adapt to your style and need and that will combine with the wall or furniture in your home.


Combines a single compact corded henycombs shade installed on a batten behind the product frame offering the best dimming effect, energy efficiency and noise dampening for any room in the home. It can significantly darken your room by blocking up to 97% of UV light, together with the shutter it creates a blackout effect, a perfect solution for shutters and controlling lighting in the room.

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Variety of French door opening designs, creating a finished look that is flush with the frame and offering a curved or square opening solution for door handles and knobs giving a flush appearance with the frame.

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Cutout A


Cutout B


Cutout C


Cutout D

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