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Warranty politics


What does it cover?

This begins to govern from the date of purchase, the objective is to cover damages due to material defects, manufacturing errors, both of the blinds and/or curtains and their components, which will be repaired at no cost, it should be clarified that all disassembly, freight and installation expenses are excluded and must be borne by the customer.

Also applies to Motors, Receivers, and remote controls.


What does it not cover?

Damage caused by accidents, misuse or repairs, modifications, reinstallations performed by someone other than the Forty Four Signature LLC dealer and/or failure to follow product installation, handling, cleaning and maintenance instructions. Nor does it cover the natural wear or deterioration of the materials that compose them and the damage due to exposure to corrosive agents that can irreversibly damage fabrics or parts. Once you accept the purchase and make the payment, you are accepting. Forty Four Signature LLC, will not be responsible for collateral damage caused by mishandling of the product.

How to process a warranty?

You can make it valid through our page, filling in all the fields of the form that is at the bottom, describing the problem that your product presents, attaching a photograph or video that allows us to detect the problem and provide you with a solution; or contact us at +754 245-3070 where you will be attended by an advisor. Your request will be reviewed within the next 24 hours. After this, you will receive a formal response indicating whether your claim is accepted as collateral and how it will be resolved. Otherwise, it does not proceed as a guarantee, an alternative solution will be provided for your case.

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