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Vertical Blinds

Our collection of Vertical Blinds is made up of PVC sheets, which hang vertically, which allows them to be opened, closed or rotated, in this way you can control the entry of light; enjoy environments full of tranquility and intimacy.

The cost-effective solution for reliable light control. Innovation has been driven to make your windows look amazing, they are versatile, durable, add height and drama to any space in your home; they glide smoothly.

They are easy to handle, maintain and clean, their modern look makes them a very functional and decorative alternative, suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, offices or sliding glass doors.


Quality and durability

Moisture resistant and washable finish.

Control your space as you want

Its sheets allow to graduate the entrance of light and its level of privacy.

Broad measures​

Ideal for large floor-to-ceiling window treatments.

Solar protection

Protect your furniture and accessories from harmful UV rays.

Raw material

Easy drive

This Vertical Blind is composed of PVC sheets.

Manual or motorized option.

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Lighting and renewal  in every space 

Its design is sophisticated, it stands out for being a moisture resistant product, its exclusive components allow it to cover various dimensions; It has advanced technology mechanisms that facilitate smooth operation.

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