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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Cultivating Elegance, One Louver at a Time


Norman Shutters 

Polycore Shutters

 Choose with confidence

This is one of the best-selling products that will transform the rooms thanks to its versatility, finish and elegance. Quality, range and excellent price, enjoy all the possibilities of these custom-made products.


These shutters became common both for their aesthetic appeal and for their insulating qualities. Given their ability to keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer they are invaluable, they are placed in the window frame and can be opened like doors, rather than being pulled open by a string.


Before and After

​Choose wisely

Select the solution for your windows and decor, taking into account style, color, shape, size, function, and value in one product. 

Recessed Magnets

Embedded into each stile to eliminate the gap between the shutter panel and shutter frame, they will give a simple look from any angle. 


This kind of product is one of the most versatile, comes with different framing styles, also you can find real wood, faux wood and polymer materials depending on the type of room, furniture, or finishes. 

Invisible Tilt

The gear system is integrated into each mullion and drives the louvers without the tilt bar being visible with precise light and sight control. 

 Superior finish/wood

Decorative accessories

Includes multiple hand sanding sequences to achieve the finest luxury finishes. In Woodlore, the polypropylene coating is medical grade, creating a product that is resistant to scratching, peeling, cracking and/or yellowing from sun exposure. 

Home Automation with Flair

If you want to add functional accessories to your shutters, you can include panel pulls, panel locks, and hinges which are available in a wide range of finishes.

Environmentally friendly and safe

The materials chosen for the blinds of our Norman Supplier are manufactured taking into account the care of the environment and the safety of your family; from legally sourced and sustainable wood products to high quality, safe and recyclable wood polymers and composites.

Polypropylene Coating

The PerfectTilt ™ App tracks battery power and when paired with the hub option, allows control via iPhone or iPad, includes an automatic control function with quick response to tilt commands, also features 8 pre-programmed louvre positions and one custom position with remote, slats can be tilted by hand, remote control or app (via the hub), with no need to operate switches and no risk of damage due to incorrect switch settings.    
Features two long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries per module unit that last up to 1 year with a single change via USB port.

This safe coating, found in medical-grade woodlore shutters, protects against scratches, chips, yellowing and fading.

Bifold plantation Shutters

Bifold plantation Shutters

Hidden Tilt

Hidden Tilt

Water Resistant option

Water Resistant option

Specialty - Special Shapes

Specialty - Special Shapes

Exploring the vast world of window treatments
can be a daunting task.

Frameshade™ be your guide to gaining a clearer perspective on your options.

Reach out to us today to simplify your choices and find the perfect window solutions for your home.


Built-in gear driven System tilts flawlessly with precise tight control.

Control your Shutters with the convenient remote or utilize the app to open and close them. (Perfectilt™ Shutters).

 Variety of colors, but only one custom option.

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