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Save money by repairing your window treatments!

We work arduously to offer the best products and services to customers.

Our staff has the training and experience to repair your curtains and blinds, let us guarantee a job from expert hands.  
We repair blinds, shades, plantation shutters, Rollershades, and more...

Receive personalized advice, explain the problem, we will begin to analyze the different solutions and offer the best possible.

Steps taken to check your window treatments:

1. Brand
2. Type of problem
3. Possible solutions:
  - Replacement of broken parts
  - Reprogramming
  - Adaptation of new parts in obsolete systems
  - Motorization and related parts
4. Prices
5. Uninstall and reinstall.  

Broken blinds, needs a repair
Broken vertical blinds,
Stationary Drapes, Decor on bay window

Technical service


*Spare parts

*Home visit for evaluation 

*Tech Support​​​​​​​​
*Some replacement of parts identified as defective could be cover by the manufacturer at no additional cost.
*3 Months Warranty on all repairs.
*5-year warranty on Somfy motors and 3-year on Rollease motors.

By Raul Roldan

"Repairing and extending the life of your belongings is a way to help the planet of consumerism and overcontamination in addition to your pocket." ​

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