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Woodlore® Plus Shutters

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Woodlore® Plus Shutters

It is a wood-composite hybrid blind that uses ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), which are high-quality recyclable materials built with aircraft-inspired technology for maximum strength, as well as being lightweight. ABS is used in high quality materials. resistance, such as auto parts and helmets.
It is important to note that ABS is harmless in the sense that it has no known carcinogens and there are no known adverse health effects associated with exposure to this compound. It is VOC safe and CARB compliant for off-gassing.

Woodlore® Plus has multiple layers of hardwood veneers that are bonded together to reinforce the core of the batten, providing lifetime durability and stability, it's more versatile than ever; find them in a variety of colors.

Advanced Design

This product offers wider panels, more than 20% wider than Woodlore. 
Environmentally friendly and safe for your family.
Made from safe, recyclable, high-quality polymers and sustainably sourced, legal wood composites. 
- Handles slats flawlessly with precise light and sight control.
- Slats are 15% thicker and have wood inserts.
- ABS has a high impact resistance, it is resistant even in the harshest environments. 
- Available in 5 grille sizes: 47 mm, 63 mm, 76 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm. 

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Plantation shutters Louvers movement


The integrated gear and pinion system allows the panels to slope smoothly for a more streamlined, modern look.

This innovative technology has no extra screws or fasteners that can eventually rust, bend, break or scratch over time. Its precise control over the shade allows for a tighter, more even closure, while ensuring larger, unobstructed views.

Ingenuity at its finest

To maximize the structural strength and rigidity of the shutters while reducing weight, an optimal structural design has been developed in which each shutter is reinforced by an intricate but hidden structural support system which has been inspired by the design of the aircraft wing spars. Exclusive construction creates a louver that is substantially stronger and more rigid. Each louver undergoes multiple sequences of sanding and painting for a flawless finish suitable for any interior.

plantation shutter louver internal configuration
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Stile in plantation shutter for maximum quality
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Uprights exclusively designed for shutter stability

A well-designed product that closes solidly, with no unsightly gaps. To achieve this, each part of the shade must be stable and resist twisting and bowing. It is designed with multiple layers of wood that are bonded together with pressure, heat, and polymer. Provides a level of stability and structural integrity to the cores, resulting in a strong support system for your shutters.

Versatile and waterproof

ideal for areas of the house with high humidity; Durable and strong ABS copolymer that will not chip, scratch or dent. Not to mention, the included stainless steel hinges are guaranteed not to rust or corrode.

Bathroom with plantation shutters,
plantation shutters decor
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Norman quality has made him famous, allowing him to continue to innovate and it can be seen in every detail. They cultivate their own forests, make their own components, and weave their own ropes.

Quality is built into every product to ensure long-term performance and value, the result is a hassle-free Shutter ownership experience.

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