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If you are here on this webpage means that your are looking for window treatments, I used to work with window treatments many years ago, I learned how to install, measure, and to face different challenges with construction, and that experience I apply it now to sales so the moment of showing the product we can be as certain as possible.
Right now we are a retailer, we manage different brands and products with high quality materials that will make look your home awesome.


We are in-home business, that means we take the samples right to your door without the need of a fancy showroom that only will increase the price of the product, we do work with allies and suppliers that allow us to show our customers different products if that is necessary.

Also we are developing our own products, we hope that soon enough we will be able to start selling them as part of our portfolio.

Hi! ,
my name is Raul A. Roldan I'm an engineer and CEO of FortyFour Signature LLC with a big dream and working to make it a reality.


I started with Forty Four Group SAS in Colombia where we used to transform recyclable plastics into raw material, now after few years I come back to south Florida with the idea of creating a business that I would be able to manage and therefore the one that will help me to reach that bigger dream.

The bigger dream...

The bigger dream is to be able to create a foundation in Colombia based on environmental care, as I mentioned before over there we were trying to recycle plastics but there are many obstacles that needs to take care of and as usual is money related but also a time consuming task,
I created a program called (#SOYUNHEROE44) -"I am a hero 44" where we talked to children in their schools with the purpose of teaching the habits of recycling and the benefits of doing it, but mainly over there are many families that depends on the recycling job, these families usually goes into the trash (bags, bins, dumpsters, etc.) having risk of infections and many other illness trash related, so the program look to get a cleaner way to give them recyclable material so they can sell it and get a profit from it reducing the exposure to contaminated trash.


To become an essential element for the home, offering the consumer the best variety, service, quality and value. 


To be a company recognized for its compliance, excellence, creativity and innovation that exceeds customer expectations. 


Responsibility, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, improvement, efficiency and sustainability. 

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