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Our Services

We understand that sometimes you buy your shades or parts online but when the installation comes
-it could be a little more difficult than expected-​
that is why we are here to help .

Customer Service

We will be happy to guide you in the process of any of our services.

It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you in the choice of each product for your window coverings and exterior solar control; we consider fundamental factors such as your taste, style, required privacy levels, aesthetics, functionality and practicality.


Cortinas y Persianas


Sometimes shades fail for many circumstances, that doesn't mean you have to buy new ones; extend the life of your shades for an affordable price. 

Two story drape install 2.jpg


Installing shades sometimes is not that easy as you would think, our experienced technicians we will do it for you.

Our technicians have the training and experience to properly install any of our products, let us guarantee you a job done by expert hands.



If you are not sure how to measure properly we will do it for you, this process will help to avoid any type of error and inconsistency, as well as it allows an accurate quotation. 


Our services are cover for the next three months from the date of the service, any additional issue could have a discount if it is the same window treatment (shades, blinds, drapes, etc).

Florero y Coral
Free consultation​

In the hands experts

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