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Taking the measures to acquire the ideal curtain or blind is not so difficult, we explain how to obtain them correctly for all our products. It is your responsibility to measure and order accurately.  The measurements you provide are first used to price the shade, then custom-mad to the specified size to fit the window opening correctly. It is important as a first step to have a steel tape measure, preferably ¾” to 1” wide, pencil and paper, always taken in this order, WIDTH X LENGTH.​

If you need support, we have a measurement service, and professionals at your disposal to advise you on whatever you need.

We will show graphically which are the correct measures to take:​



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Write down the width of the window and then add 5.9" inches per side. The result you get is what it will be for the curtain.


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If you already have a rail installed, to measure the height you must take into account the rail to where you want the length of the curtain and the needs of the particular space, if you do not have it you must measure between 5.9" to 7.8" inches from the upper frame of the window and from that point to where you want the length of the fabric.

Roller Shades



Space for brackets

Check that there is enough space above the window to fit the roller shutter brackets. These brackets occupy between 1.98" and 3.1" inches depending on the size of the systems.

Clearance from other objects

It is essential to check that there are no objects that could disturb the system and, if there are, they must be removed. 

Flat and firm surface

Check that the place where the brackets are fixed has the capacity to support the force that the person will exert when raising and lowering the blind. They can be placed on any surface, wood, brick or partition wall, durlock, metal and even rigid plastic or PVC.

Roller shades
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Width: When you have the result of the total width of the window, add 1.98" inches from each side.

Length: Keep in mind to add 5.9" to 7.88" more inches, these measurements will be the final fabric that the blind will have. Please note that the SYSTEM for our product takes up an additional 1.38" to 1.98" inches in width plus these final fabric measurements. This must be taken into account when ordering the product, so that later there are no problems when installing it.

Check on which side it is most convenient to place the chain that helps to raise and lower the blind. If there is more than one roller shade in a row, ideally all the knobs should be on the same side.

Parallel Sheers are an excellent choice to complement today's contemporary minimalist designs. Either as an interior or exterior installation.

Zebra parallel

Width: The measurement that you must take into account when ordering is the total width of the window plus 1.97" inches on each side.

Zebra parallel

If the window is between walls we will measure the unevenness that we have and we will subtract 0.20" inches from each side.

Zebra parallel

Length: We will add 5.9" to 7.88" inches at the top of the window and from there to where we want the blind to go.

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